Bullying and Child Abuse: Are they the same thing?


Read a couple good online resources about bullying, child abuse, and what we can do about it. Then tell me this.

  1. ¬†What is empathy? What’s the difference between sympathy and empathy? (Not a simple answer!)
  2. What is the Roots of Empathy program? If you were in that Roots class, what kind of things would you be doing in class?
  3. Do you think there is a connection between child abuse and bullying? If yes, what’s the connection? If no, why isn’t there a connection?

Here’s a question sheet:
Empathy Worksheet
Resources to check out:

A really good blog about the whole issue:

Child abuse:

How not to raise a bully

The death of Phoebe Prince

Readability: This bookmark could change your reading life.

Ever notice that things are hard to read when you pick them up over the Internet? Text is too small? Lots of confusing animation on the sides of the page?

Simplify things by using this Readability software.

Click here to go to the website that hosts the Readability system for reading webtext. The follow the directions and set up your bookmark. You can bookmark more than one way to read text if you want some choices. A cool system. Try it out.

Honor Code Discipline, Facebook: Where are the Lines?

Research the case of the young lady from Yarmouth High School who was caught drinking on Facebook and report back.

What is the most important thing for people to remember when they discuss the case? What key observation would you want to bring to any discussion? Try to think of something that not everyone knows or agrees on.

Then prepare a comment that you would really post to the Portland Press Herald for publication. Post it.

Click here to read Bill Nemitz’s commentary on the whole case.

Click here to read lawyer Michael Waxman’s explanation of why he filed the case.

Click here for the April 14th article

Click here for the comments page.

Click here to read the April 13 news article in its original format.

Reading about the Super Bowl ads

Reading about the Super Bowl ads


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3) check on anything you missed if you were absent from class.

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